Howdy y'all,
First post here... Anyone got follow recommendations?

@mara_cav_ funny accounts, weird accounts, if there are any like "getting started with Mastodon" accounts. Basically just trying to get my feet wet :)

@Scherpa Oof, my bad for the late reply. Still recovering from an 11+ hour workday. So not good at doing little summaries, but these are people I've followed pretty much from the get-go:


And yeah, is a pretty good start for finding accounts to follow. There's also a bunch of writers on here that are all awesome. is a good hashtag to sample said writers.

@Scherpa Hello and welcome. Have you tried to search for your interests as hashtag ? Or just write a introduction using this word as hashtag and look if someone answers.

@pandora_parrot lol I think the app I'm using doesn't actually search for hashtags... At least I can follow it through your toot

@Scherpa You can also go directly to in your mobile browser and should be able to do it from there!

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