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Hi all, My name is Samantha but you can call me Sammy if you like. I'm trans, autistic, have ADHD and dyslexia (so sorry for spelling mistakes) and struggle with mental health at times.

This is where I'm planning to share more of my creative writing like and , and generally my more positive and safe for work side. For the more tech-focused or sassy content, you can follow my alt

👾 good morning to cute trans people (all trans people)

boyfriend dungeon, non explicit sex mention 

After believing for decades that romance and the idea of a fulfilling romantic and sexual relationship was just not for me and that I just somehow don't understand the whole concept I am once again reminded by playing Boyfriend Dungeon that that is not true. It's just the mainstream straight versions of those concepts that make me incredibly uncomfortable and confused

extremely cursed halfjoke 

wow, being trans is a really expensive hobby innit?

rant about daylight savings time, some all caps 

uhm excuse me I just found this out? So most of the world doesn't even follow Daylight Saving Time. WHY ARE WE STILL ON THIS GARBAGE I HATE IT SO MUCH

talking about stress eating, joke 

I think my dog is an anti-stress eater. He seems to only be able to eat when he's happy & content, i.e. when enough people are present and nothing else stressful is going on.

sexual harassment mention, rethorical question 

Today at work we had a workshop about sexual (and other) harassment. in it the workshop the lady giving it mentioned something along the lines of "42% of all harassment would stop if someone spoke up" and now I'm just really curious where the hell they got that number from but also don't have the spoons to go investigate.

You should come hang out on the floor with my dog and me. it's cozy

today is just one of those days where I cannot get comfortable no matter what I do. *sigh*

Neg, don't reply pls 

I'm done with existing for today. And also can this infernal heat fuck off please

Seeing the amount of trees who are losing branches presumably because of the heat makes me sad

This is incredibly niche, but anyone here know good resources (preferably including audio of some kind) to learn about urban design and civil engineering/architecture for a lay person? Preferably human centered design but I'll take anything to start of with. I feel a new special interest coming up.

I'll be honest I'm quite ready for summer to be over at this point

both as a developer and someone with ADHD I'm increasingly convinced that trying to measure time in any capacity was a mistake.

I have this idea (though it's little more than a concept at this point) of making an TTRPG themed around having characters with different disabilities to help abled people empathize better with those experiences and I can't decide if that idea is based or cursed

Been thinking of this cool magic system that is pretty trans affirming now I just need an actual story to theme it around and explore it. *Sigh* the troubles of a visionary

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