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Hi all, My name is Samantha but you can call me Sammy if you like. I'm trans, autistic, have ADHD and dyslexia (so sorry for spelling mistakes) and struggle with mental health at times.

This is where I'm planning to share more of my creative writing like and , and generally my more positive and safe for work side. For the more tech-focused or sassy content, you can follow my alt

gender pol 

I ditched Twitter in huge part because I couldn’t cope with people constantly retweeting transphobes to mock them.

I understand why people do it, but it’s still forcing mutuals to read the quoted material, and there is only so many times a day you can be reminded that people hate you before it starts to affect your mental health.

Before anyone gets worried this image is actually fictional not a cry for help. Be rest assured I'm doing okay :)

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Incidentally I absolutely adore these solutions and they have become my goto solution both in terms of giving and of receiving. I actively ask for one of those these days and it's delightful

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As we come up on gifting season let me give you a tip: If you don't know what to get someone, don't just buy them something dumb and random, instead you can:
1. make a donation to a charity in their name. it can be something they care about and hopefully does something good instead of wasting resources.
2. Commission them some art! There are so many great artists that will take commissions at any price point, and it's often so much more personal.

The great thing about micro fiction is that I get to get all of the "novel ideas" that I would never have the resources to actually turn into something out of my head where they would otherwise stick around for ever. E.g. the last micro fiction I just tooted has been stuck in my head for about 4 years I think

micro fic, queer harassment mention 

Jamie saluted the lieutenant. "You wanted to see me Lt?"
"Recrut, I've been told you've been slacking off despite repeated warnings, You're suspended for a week."
Jamie looked at his superior in shock. "But sir, I thought we..."
"Recut, I protect you from harassment like I would any recruit, and especially the homophobic kind, but if you think I'm going to keep you out of the wind because we're both queer, you are sorely mistaken. Now get out of my office."

Decision paralysis can just go and... I'm not sure what.

Toot fic, alcohol addiction 

They were an alcoholic, one couldn't really argue against that. But not because they liked being drunk, that was just a necessary evil. No, they drank for the hangovers, as surprising as that sounds. They found that in that groggy brain fogged haze of mild headaches and light sensitivity, the countless thoughts in their head normally screaming for attention, would quiet down, and give them a short reprieve from who they usually were.

FYI, I just checked. If you live here in Madagascar, use internet on your phone, and are with Telma (the largest phone/internet provider), then buying 1 gigabyte of Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram access costs only *half* the price of buying 100 megabytes of general internet access.

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Fedi what music do you like to listen to when you read (if any)? One of my favourites is the Legend of Iya OST by Philter. (OST music is generally amazing for this imo)

I am feeling ... a whole lot of things today. It's absolutely wild to think these books I've worked so hard on are finally out in the wild for anyone to read.

Anyway, if you'd like to come along to the book launch party today, you are very much welcome! There will be a reading, some casual chat, and some games. Plus you can optionally attend as a magical cat or fox!

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The tie-in TTRPG for NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is also out today!

Please enjoy KIN: THE TABLETOP FANTASY ROLE-PLAYING GAME. Flexible, friendly, and comes with a short playable adventure!

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It's book launch day! NON-PLAYER CHARACTER has been officially published!

If you'd like to read my very queer, very nerdy, and very cosy portal fantasy, you can buy it now from your retailer of choice!

✨ 📚🎲 ✨

I did not do any of the reading or writing I'd wanted to do this weekend but on the other hand I did do a lot of other thingsthat were also important, so I'm mostly just trying to be nice to myself around that and remind myself that the stories will always be there for me when I'm ready.

My cat @FreyaKitteh is curled up with me on the bed, resting with me. She is adorable and I love her very much.

#SmallGoodThings #Cats #MastoCats

Can we talk for a second about how good the Celeste OST is and how impressively the songs flow into eachother? I love it so much

Electrical repair in apartment was stressful but also successful. I'm actually really pleasantly surprised by what I've been able to do myself, (and also pretty proud of I'm honest). In any case as both a treat and a way to help calm down me an my nervous system I think I'm going to do some leisurely Sunday reading. Still currently reading @vicorva's newest book Non-player character and enjoying it hugely.

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