A short short posted at my Patreon page. "Visiting Hours"

@StevenDBT Wow. That's heavy. There are implied elements underneath it that are really "fun" to guess at (it's not a *fun* story, but you know what I mean). Like, is this him committing euthanasia? Seems far fetched, but that's what I makes me think of. I can't help but think of stories I've read of men dying of AIDS, because the narrator speaks so frankly about fucking men, but the narrator could be a woman. Many many mysteries.

@orionkidder Thanks for reading it. Narrator's gender was left deliberately ambiguous. Interesting you saw euthanasia in the story, because that wasn't my intent, but after re-reading it, I can see that is a valid interpretation.

@StevenDBT I don't think the text bears that literal reading, but it feels like a gesture in that direction: the controlling nurse, the friend who helps, the sense of release at the end. Compelling!

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