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The new (third!) A Whale's Lantern #MusicCollab album is out!!

6 tracks by 12 of your favorite Mastodon musicians, who were put together in pairs at random. The results are as diverse as you would expect them to be :music_collab: 🎼

We hope you enjoy the music!
#music #CreativeToots #MastoMusic

Haiku to you:

Crickets chirp softly;
the bats search blindly for them
while we sleep and dream.

The night speaks to trees
in the language of the wind
before the rain comes

The chrysanthemum
blossoms curl, their brown edges
dry as autumn leaves

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self-promotion: short fiction for the holiday 

It's gift-giving season (for witches, skellingtons, boogermen, leaf-wights, etc.) so if you like, you can help yerself to a a short ebook of mostly horror-themed short fiction I wrote a few years back called THE SPIRIT LEFT ME.

I uploaded it to Gumroad mostly to explore how easy it is to set up on Gumroad. (Verdict: Super Easy!)

It's got lots of great illustrations 'cause I know some talented artists, so: reading-optional!

@Mainebot My two fingers and I contemplate this every time we have a typo.

@orionkidder Actually, she's meeting the real Basho. And he's dead.

@wion Reads like a Beatles song written for Ringo to sing.

@wion As the late great Leonard Cohen said:

And everybody knows that you live forever

Ah when you've done a line or two

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@RooTurboMoth Som you're sayimg your prof's a Jekyll and Hyde kinda-person.

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@StevenDBT thank you! I feel a lot better about this project after yesterday

@wion Well at least there is the delete amnd edit function here (not deleting and editing this one with typos though).

@wion For my Mom (Depression era baby) it was 30. She was 29 for 29 years lol

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