Little Funfact about this one: the most influencal pieces of media I consumed while writing this were the "All for the Game" books and South Park. And I think you will be able to read out one more than the other. :'D

"All he ever wanted was a peaceful family, all he ever got was a magical mafia war."

If you like the coffee shop au, mafia au or super power au genre of fanfictions, check out my original work to get all three at once.

What you'll receive if you read my free book:

🧙‍♂️Super natural adventure
👊Depressed Main character learning how to fight back
🌈Canon LGBTQ+ representation
❤️The slowest of burns
😍My eternal gratitude

Fighting the current "my book is too long to be traditionally published"-depression by outlining a ridicously long self indulgent side project with the whole point of it being ridicously long. Not sure if it is genius or self destructive but it sure is fun.

@halcek This is honestly the best idea I have so far haha :'D Good to know it works in principal. I am just scared because I am a newcomer.

Looking at my chon of a book: who made you this fat?

I am screaming because my book is TOO LONG but I don't have anything I could cut out without losing something essential about what I wanted to tell. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL???

I have this fun little side project, that didnt even make it into the outline stage yet, but sometimes I throw ideas at it I think would be cool. It includes a lot of Christian elements which I am Not familiar with, but that is why it's so fun! It forces me to Research a lot and not Just about christianity. Today I had to Look up posibilities for gender neutral titles. I am so comfortable with Traditional writing Tools that it is refreshing to Feel like a fish out of water again.

I think the main thing that sold them was "being haunted by his dead ghost boyfriend".

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I tricked some one new into reading my book. Muhahaha.

"I just have to finish this chapter and then the next will be easier." is the writer equivalent of "I just have to make it through the next week."

@tennoseremel Honestly, that is the best thing ever. My roommate sometimes makes comments about motives I wrote about in a chapter and my mind gets blown because I NEVER REALIZED IT WAS THERE BUT WOW IT'S SO GOOD!

I live in the constant fear that I somehow will write my queer characters not queer enough and come off as a baiting bitch, but honestly, if someone won't get that the MC in this story is gay af that is their personal problem bc I did everything I can.

@Nachtlicht Me? Overworking? Never. How could you even imagine that??
(I wrote another 800 before getting too tired btw)

Yesterday I wrote a solid 1k before going to sleep. Let's see how many I can jam in today.

I'm rewatching old animes I loved and it's interesting to see how they shaped certain parts of my writing.

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