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Writing aside, I'm also a(n):

- Audiophile; electronic, pop, rock, alternative, R&B, and disco

- Fan of podcasts; mostly audio dramas, but also weird history and other nonfiction

- Gamer; jrpgs, MMOs, VNs, simulators, etc

- Horror enthusiast; movies, books, etc, but I can't do survival horror games

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Been putting this off for too long.

Hi, I'm Zel (she/they pronouns), and I'm a fiction writer based in northern Ohio. I'm overly fond of things that go bump in the night, but rarely write outright horror (someday!). Fantasy and sci-fi are more my speed.

I'm a little shy as well, so I may come off as standoffish at times, but that's something I'm working on.

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Birdsong. It penetrated the dream, lilting and bright.

He looked around at the rolling dunes of dreamsand beneath a purple-and-silver sky. It was time to return.

He followed the song, leaving footprints across the ever-shifting landscape. At last, he hit the edge of the dream ring and fell into darkness then light.

He woke. A sparrow pepped at him from the windowsill.

He smiled. There were worlds within worlds to explore, if only you learned the paths between them.

#microfiction #TootFic

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"Don't touch, the mama bird will smell you and reject it!"

Every time I was told this my skin would crawl.

I'd circle back, scoop up whatever chick I found and deposit it back into its nest.

I'd wait.

Every time, there was never an issue, but then, perhaps it was because I had an affinity.

I'd brush twigs out of my feathery hair and wonder; how could any parent reject their child?

Maybe the humans who said that were capable of it.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Having trans and cis friends have made me realize some things

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Between NaNoWriMo and 4theword's, I'm going to have a very busy but productive month...

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I am going to start up a free ebook peer-review/reader-review site, off our own domain -- or a (dot) ca domain we still own from the dawn of the web.

The big idea: Reviews of free ebooks. Writers rewarded not just with stars, but dollars (via donation buttons to their PayPal accounts from their own pages).

Reviews will link to the authors' book pages, where their books are available for free.

Here's our book page as an example

Who needs freaking Amazon?

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in my stupor, i randomly worked on this idea that's slowly coming together - about magical girls who become so to defeat their corrupted sisters and of course defeat monsters/demons who plague this world. but in this story, it would just be finishing up getting rid of them and would try to get "rid" of the last corrupted witch and to end the cycle.

it's something i've been thinking about since i'm a huge magical girl fan and it's just... a lot of thoughts

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I have been away from people for a long time. I'm lonely.

— Litast Amasmosus, manager

Westworld is giving me muse I can't afford to use right now.

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"identifies as" language needs to die.

people are gay, or are nonbinary, or are whatever, they don't "identify as" whatever.

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Humans come from eggs but we don’t hatch from them. We’re just weird featherless bipeds.

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Second try at the character design challenge. Drawing an archeopteryx sure pushed me out of my comfort zone.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #DigitalArt #CharacterDesign

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You find yourself in front a door. There's a logo that vaguely resembles a moon. This must be the place, you think to yourself. That must be the midnight pub. Sounds like there's noise inside. You decide to push the door.

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The river is made of blood. The mountain is made of blood. We are all made of blood and it's just so terrifying.

Caught in that ever persistent dilemma of "How should I do now?" Reading, videogames, podcasts, or Duolingo?

Alternatively, agonize over all of the above and accomplish nothing.

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