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Writing aside, I'm also a(n):

- Audiophile; electronic, pop, rock, alternative, R&B, and disco

- Fan of podcasts; mostly audio dramas, but also weird history and other nonfiction

- Gamer; jrpgs, MMOs, VNs, simulators, etc

- Horror enthusiast; movies, books, etc, but I can't do survival horror games

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Been putting this off for too long.

Hi, I'm Zel (she/they pronouns), and I'm a fiction writer based in northern Ohio. I'm overly fond of things that go bump in the night, but rarely write outright horror (someday!). Fantasy and sci-fi are more my speed.

I'm a little shy as well, so I may come off as standoffish at times, but that's something I'm working on.

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“I can’t give up,” she thought to herself. “They’re all counting on me.”

With enormous effort, she raised her head and tried to stand with shaking legs. They all depended on her, as she did on them. That’s how everything kept working as it always had. Every contribution, no matter how small, an essential one.

“I can do this.” She steeled her resolve. “I will.”

Beating her tired wings, she lifted slowly into the air and began her flight back to the hive.


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I can't believe I need to say this, but my writing is not data or "content". Nor does it grow on trees. I share it here by choice. That doesn't diminish the effort I put in to make it, and it doesn't mean you can casually reuse it elsewhere without even asking.

The same applies to other writers, both here and elsewhere. Please show respect to creators.

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Please stop calling computer-wielding criminals "hackers".

That is like calling a vandal a "painter".

Hackers don't just break into computers. Hackers are passionate computer nerds who use their powers to build things and educate people.


- Create and tech you depend on.
- Give family, friends, and strangers free tech support.
- Teach people to improve their and .

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Semi-regular reminder that the word musk in English comes from the Latin word muscus. This, in turn comes from the Persian word mušk, which originated as the Sanskrit word muṣka, meaning scrotum.

So it's etymologically accurate to say Elon Ballbag.

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Elon Musk is an awful imperialist 

...But you already knew that.

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I just inadvertently figured out the ending for a novel(la) I shelved last year. That's one heck of a eureka moment, and I don't know how I didn't think of it sooner.

I guess the cure for writer's block is time + prompts?

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DHS threatens Netflix filmmakers to keep damning footage from airing before the election: report | Raw Story

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There is gonna be a lot of new instances. Please let people set their own cultures on their own instances and don't harass new users for not CWing things that aren't obvious and especially please don't go after for them "using mastodon like Twitter" or just not using the platform exactly the way you do.

Be welcoming please

Reedsy's prompts for this week are pretty spicy.

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Ylfe & Lydia 1/6 

The tall woman's gaze was as steely as her armour.

"Your name's Lydia, you say?"


"Well, I'm Ylfe. Well met."


"Not one for conversation, are you?"


"Err," her stoic companion's attitude was a little offputting, "well, could you help me carry some of this?"

“I’m sworn to carry your burdens."

"Wait," Ylfe looked up incredulously, "was that sarcasm?"

"From me, my Thane? I'd never dream of it."

Ylfe grinned.

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Nonbinary people exist and I will have no erasure of us in any form, by anyone.

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I've started journaling recently, and now wonder why it took me this long. It's nice being able to put my thoughts down, rather than bottling them up or drowning in them.

Playing around w/ my wordpress site, and while I was initially weary of the whole process, having to chose or make a theme is a big bag of "ugh".

Why is design always the hardest part?

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