Anyone entered a writing contest through Reedsy before? They do a new one each week with paid prizes - looks intriguing!

Also, the main site has lots of resources on writing, editing, and opportunities.

Applying to ENTRY LEVEL jobs on indeed, and they give you a fucking SAT-style assessment. Automating the hiring process to this degree is utter bullshit, and one more cop-out for employers not to take time for, train, or humanize their prospective employees. They don't have time to read a two-page resume / cover letter, or have a ten-minute phone interview? Likely story!

Stop assessing PEOPLE via multiple-choice. Stop assessing WRITERS by grammar alone.

Thoughts on work:

We want to do something that’s contributing to society....

...but is society contributing to *us*?

Hiya! I'm Jack, and (quelle surprise) I write things. 😉 I used to be an every-idea-is-novel-length person, but recently have discovered the joys of novellas, short stories, and flash fiction.

I'm a big believer in moving away from traditional work in order to spend more of life doing what we love; namely, writing. As I find contests, resources, and opportunities for story submissions that pay or have prizes, I'll share them here, along with my assorted scribbles.

Passing along a new find: Raconteur, a not-for-profit lit magazine with monthly writing contests. It is also currently open to submissions of longer fiction/nonfiction/poetry/art. I just entered the 50-word thriller contest...submissions close on Sunday!

Writing Exchange

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