Hiya! I'm Jack, and (quelle surprise) I write things. 😉 I used to be an every-idea-is-novel-length person, but recently have discovered the joys of novellas, short stories, and flash fiction.

I'm a big believer in moving away from traditional work in order to spend more of life doing what we love; namely, writing. As I find contests, resources, and opportunities for story submissions that pay or have prizes, I'll share them here, along with my assorted scribbles.

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@a_j_quillpen I agree with you about the short stories. I've recently discovered them myself, and now I can't get enough! A lot of my favourites are in the 30-50 pages range: plenty of time to develop characters and themes and can still be read in one sitting.

Amusingly it was Delillo's 'Underworld' doorstopper that got me started: I got 400 pages in before abandoning it, then wanted something totally different.

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