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Sac is a city with a very high ratio of churches to population. It is a very conservative community with a liberal cross-section. Some of these churches sponsored Prop 8, which was the first state level ban against gay marriage.

Back when I lived in Sacramento, I was friends with a local pastor whose church supported everyone, from every walk of life. They specifically ministered to LGBTQ, and the homeless, and people struggling with addiction.


Is today the day I switch to -store? Only time will tell

Teacher friends!
A librarian friend of mine suggested having a librarian come in and teach a session on information literacy if I find out some of my students believe in conspiracy theories.

It also is just a solid idea in general.

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"It's not a coup unless it comes from the coup d'état region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling white terrorism"

hot take 

a lot of expensive sneakers look like shit

self-care reminder (uspol adacent) 

Is your physical safety at risk if you do not pay attention to the news right now?

If not, turn the fucking news off. Watching it won't change anything but make you feel worse.

If yes, are you sure you need the news? Consider monitoring local information sources and not national media. Trust what neighbors see out of their windows over what is being reported in the media.

Save your energy for when you can do something. Focus locally.

Stay safe. Stay strong.


Tested negative, so I got that going for me. But the possible exposure threw this thing, again, into sharp relief

Food, controversial 

Nachos are a salad

If anyone has told you New Year’s Resolutions are dumb or that 2021 will be the same as 2020, just know that they’re wrong. It’s okay to celebrate. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to be excited for the future.

a fiddler? At this time of year! at this time of day! In this part of the country! localized entirely on the roof?!?

Today's the day to wear cozy clothes and eat soup and not do a single thing

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