Business idea 

Allison Janney needs a sleepwear line

Allison's Jammeys

using exwm. did i make a mistake? probably. but what better way than to jump in ?

yooo all my notifications on twitter are just other people's tweets

update: it doesn't. but /share is a great way to post to masto imho

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I might keep this up for a while tbh. I don't know if it's still sharing the article tho

also this share box that I'm in is pretty rad. It's just a toot box so it's like I'm shouting into the void

Food? I guess 

Trying to remember if Veggie Tales was always explicitly Christian from go or if they pulled an Insane Clown Posse

My current personal pet peeve is brands convincing people they can buy their way into creativity. By buying more stuff. Consuming more things. Not by practicing and doing the work. Not by spending time. It's an old tale, don't know why I'm so sensitive to it right now.

Request for info from trans people in the US South 

So, I'm not exactly visibly trans and am not able to be fully out at the moment, but I hope to soon

But I'm not really sure what that will be like here?

And I'm wondering if other trans folks who have experience being visibly and/or vocally trans in the US South would be willing to share their experiences with me?

I'm just not sure what to expect as far as everyday life as an out trans person here

"The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth--it is the truth which conceals that there is none.

The simulacrum is true."


It's worth noting that this website is named after the 1941 #Borges story "The Library of Babel."

#philosophy #baudrillard


I had like a while bottle of wine

Bout to use all Gnu software on BSD just to piss Richard Stallman off

food shitpost 

if calzone is so good why isn't there a calztwo

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