Okay but what the Fick is Kill la kill about omg

Modern web browsers seem like they were designed by someone who saw a document retrieval system and said, “How can I make this more like TV?”


For "pride month" Tor's book of the month club is giving away an ebook of 4 queer-themed sci fi novellas by:

Katharine Duckett
Seanan McGuire
Lina Rather
Kai Ashante Wilson

You can download anytime up until June 5.

You want to read the Kai Ashante Wilson one. Please read Kai Ashante Wilson.


bolluxposting, release 

I've made history version-worthy. Check out 0.3.0!


Keep recording the police. Keep demanding reform. Keep being defiant. And keep protesting these injustices until real reform happens.

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@acdw When I did it, it went something like this:

1. Start with plenty of enthusiasm
2. Get the network communication going
3. Basic parsing and document display
4. Add ability to follow links etc.
5. History stack
6. Lose interest/time for 18 months and then think about doing a Gemini one instead

Any tips on writing a client? I think it won't be hard, but tips are appreciated.


Implemented my first patch on ! Thanks to the contributor :)

Bollux now supports TLS 1.3 or 1.2, both !

Just merged history into master with . Going to hold off on a v0.3 until I get bookmarks implemented, and a nice display of both. Maybe by next week?

works on with Cmder! I saw somewhere it does not work on BSD, I need to figure that out. I think I will merge the history branch into master tho...I don't know what else it needs. Besides saving to a file, but that's easy.

day 2: worries about covid and the current political situation

CW the above

a reminder for all the white activists, shook that the president is mobilizing the military against US citizens "for the first time since..." (some crusty old number)

Standing Rock, 2016
The botched Hurricane Katrina "relief", 2014
Rodney King Riots, 1992
Wounded Knee Incident, 1973
Kent State, 1970
Newark Riots, 1967
Little Rock Nine, 1953
Japanese Internment, 1942
Tulsa Massacre, 1921

there's a lot i didn't include but you get it, right? right. this isnt NEW. this has BEEN HAPPENING. this is the context and lens with which you need to adjust your sights. spare everyone your shock and disbelief because this has been happening behind since your whites arrived on this continent.

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