So at what point does one monetize their Masto account

Why is nobody talking about the hostile architecture of public toilet paper dispensers

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covid take, vaccines 

A few days of feeling mildly terrible is far better than the potential for organ failure and chronic pain.

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so if mystery novels often star hard boiled detectives, I'd love to see a novel with a sunny side up detective, or a scrambled detective

How to do a Mitch Mcconnell impersonation 

Slack all the muscles in your mouth and then let your soul leave your body for a bit, like a starfish's stomach

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How to pronounce common file formats.

GIF: yiff
JPG: huh-peeg
DOC: dook
PDF: parfait
TXT: texit
XLS: excellent
HTML: hot meal

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Count Dracula was 412 when he moved to England in search of new blood.

Sauron was 54,000 years old when he forged The One Ring.

Cthulhu had seen galaxies flare into life and fade to darkness before he put madness in the minds of men.

It's never too late to follow your dreams!


i live dangerously, he said sitting still in a house looking at a computer screen

@cadadr I almost didn't recognize your new avi, looks nice!

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Food, sleep adjacent 

Oh no I'm hungry and also in bed

Health, complaining 

My head hurts โ˜น๏ธ

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FYI There's

"A diabolically simple site for finding and sharing recipes...a recipe site to end all recipe sites. Simply browse recipes by tag or search for ingredients and dishes. Submit your favourite recipe and it will be reviewed and added..."

There aren't a lot of recipes yet, but with time, I'm sure there will be more submissions

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Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

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Eat a puzzle piece a day, one day you shall be solved.

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"Proponents of NFTs point out that each token is unique and can't be replicated, which creates a scarcity value that is good"

People have internalized capitalism that they're so incapable of fathoming something other than it, that when they run into something that capitalism can't be applied to like a digital good that is easy to give to everyone, they have to create a way that's makes it limited again and call it good.

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