So my hundredth self published is on my website. I feel like maybe ten of them are worth anything. I think that's a good ratio?

@acdw I'm at 217 (!) and I reckon I'm somewhere around 10% of which I consider "genuinely good literature". On top of that some of them are adorably silly or were spontaneous explosions which certainly have some value of "good" from their origins or general feel and the rest, well the rest are still my words and I love them.

@wordsmith okay that makes me feel better. One of these days I will go back and revise some and maybe submit them. My one thing is that most magazines don't want anything already published, even on a personal site.

@acdw I feel I may speak for many writers when I reply to that policy with "screw them, then". </gross oversimplification>

@wordsmith I want to say that, but I also want to be "published", to be a part of the tradition of professional writing, as problematic as it is.

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