Hey does anybody have/want to be in a with me? I've been reading and I think, I write a lot of creative stuff, let's be in a webring!

@aldersprig @DuthOlec awesome, I'll set something up today and post it here. *excited!*

@aldersprig @DuthOlec
The git repo is up if you want to make any pull requests/whatever. I'll be able to deploy to Netlify later today, I think.

Suggestions welcome!

@acdw Okey-dokey. I don't really actually know how this kindsa stuff works but if and when there's something I need to do just lemme know.

@DuthOlec will do. I'll probably write a blog post about it and allow people to email me as well, for me to add them. You have a personal website right?

@acdw Personal, professional, pretty much one and the same with me, but yeah.

@acdw Hey, why not. I like having links to other places but never know enough people with stuff to have more than a small number, this would eliminate the need for me to actually know people. I see no way this can go wrong!

@acdw Gosh, the idea of webrings takes me back. I presume it's not the old fashioned yahoogroup kind though?

I'm honestly not sure, lol. I'm putting something together with Flask that'll just have next, previous, and random links.

Do you have a link about the Yahoo thing?

Just looked it up... No, not groups. Though I love the idea!

@acdw I don't know Flask, but that sounds great :) The old Webrings are defunct now but I was in a few back in the day.

Awesome! Well I will put out a blast when I'm done with this one, you are welcome to join :)

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