Alright Fediverse, I've started a :

It's for writers on Mastodon and the wider Fediverse! Join it by following the instructions there or send me a reply.

(pinging @Anke @aldersprig @DuthOlec @galadhir ... sorry if it's spam)

@acdw Oh how cool! Thank you. I've sent you an email just now.

OK, the code should be on my website now, if you want to check it or whatever :)

I remember running a bravenet webring back in the day - I don't know if bravenet even still exists, but they were a useful supplier of tools for websites back then...
@Anke @aldersprig @DuthOlec @galadhir

@dheadshot just looked them up, they're still around! No web ring hosting I could find though...

Shame. My webring was called ASD (nothing to do with autism, I keyboard mashed and then came up with a backronym for it)...

@dheadshot I was part of several, but never ran one. There were so many already I didn't feel the need.

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