Who else is writing a every day of April?

@acdw Maybe. Probably. And I will prob keep using the #smallpoems hashtag ...

@dogtrax ooh nice idea! On the ones that are small that is

@acdw small makes it feel manageable ... and small is shared the key decides is small ... flexible hashtag! #smallpoems

@dogtrax I feel you on manageable! I've just had a poor time actually fitting a poem into 500 chars

@acdw @dogtrax

One option is always to share on a blog with a link offered here using the commonly used hashtags.

[#]SmallPoems works well for me
and [#]Poem


@acdw @dogtrax

It would seem that one of the most valuable aspects of the month of focus on poetry is the sharing of it.


@Algot @dogtrax those are all good! I'll begin Wednesday. I should start today haha


Practice or Gap insurance?

Have fun, either way!

Good night world!


Though it may not enhance
To judge from my prance
There's always a chance
That I'll go to that dance.


Thanks for the note @dogtrax

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