I love how corporate many of the fancy tlds are. Then there's "horse"

@acdw In Kentucky, horse is big business. Derby tomorrow for some reason.

@max oh shoot you're right. I guess we have... "Wtf?" "Xyz?"

I feel like we should get together and make up a new, cool tld. Like....

Dam I can't think of one. I guess there's .cool.

@acdw .party but I hear they are sell outs

I have a .beer for silly reasons, tho may drop it because it's expense is growing faster than I like

@max aww party sold out? Beer is neat, haha I hadn't heard of that one

@acdw The .party thing was mostly a joke, but then I visited their website and now I'm thinking it isn't a joke:

«The .PARTY generic Top Level Domain (TLD) allows the individual in need of party information to find what they are after under a simple domain extension. The .PARTY generic Top Level Domain (TLD) serves as a reference point for all party related content.»

All of GRS' TLDs are pretty square money grabs and they are a registered in Gibraltar so tax dodge too

@acdw Curiosity has led to a rabbit hole of checking the NIC pages of other TLDs. .beer's MMX has nice marketing sites on its TLDs. MMX is primarily Seattle based it reads as but registered in the British Virgin Islands and on the London Stock Exchange, so that's another fun international tax dodge.

MMX is a fun initialism too because it (clearly 🙄) stands for Mind + Machines Group.

Their home domain is Columbian, but most people don't see .co as Columbia these days.

@acdw Ah, and circling right back around .horse is also one of MMX's.

@max oh wow. This is so interesting, and I'd never thought of it before! Thanks for sharing ☺️

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