Thinking about just ... Not having an IRC bouncer at all. I could just sign into servers right??

@acdw Leave weechat running in a tmux pane. This is the way

@tomasino @acdw all of my irc happens in weechat in tmux on tildetown. It is the one true way.

@dozens @tomasino @ben this is what I do now, but I tried erc yesterday and I really liked it

@dozens @tomasino @ben maybe I could try the weechat irc relay thing again

@acdw there's a weechat relay client for emacs I think!

@ben have you used it? I tried for 0.035 seconds and it was kinda buggy. But I should try again

@ben you know what, I'll install and play with it this week. It deserves another look!

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