"New York City police bought a range of surveillance tools—including facial-recognition software, predictive policing software, vans equipped with x-ray machines to detect weapons, and
“stingray” cell site simulators—with no public oversight, according to documents released
Tuesday." - Wired (wired.com/story/nypd-secret-fu)

#privacy #surveillance #police

As much as I'd like to see S.T.O.P's report (which the Wired article refers to) I can't do so on EWW.

The site uses heavy scripts and ad crawlers of all kinds (see image).

Not very good for a privacy advocacy site... :hades_shadeeyeroll:

#privacy #security

On the other hand, if you go read Wired's article in #emacs #eww it's awesome. Not only there's no "pay us" ad, you can also get rid of the menu and the links and all the other social-networking crap with R (readable mode) in Eww. Awesome.

(I pay for Wired subscription)

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