showed my wife my function to automatically export my org tree to plain text, copy it to the clipboard, and open the Google doc to paste it into..

she said "or you could just write it in Google Docs?"

nobody gets me

@kirschwipfel *work* is using Google docs, lol. when in Rome and all that 😂

I feel you... And I'm interested in that function too! 😅

I do export to html, open it in browser, copy to clipboard and paste into Google docs. A 1 step key for that would be awesome... :owi:

@edumerco aw shit I got html too. I'll post it up when I get home tonight

There's no hurry, so thank you very much in advance. :)

After that, maybe we can think a way to do a diff back so as to do GDocs -> org and compare to the original org to review/accept/deny changes. ;)

@edumerco oh yeah! there's a tool a friend of mine found that interfaces w docs that I just gotta write some glue code for... I am working this weekend but might could write something next. I'll send the link your way when I find it tooo

Thank you!
How can I help if I don't know how to code? May I test? I do interaction design, in case it may be helpful...

@edumerco haha no worries! I was gonna write it for me, and im more than happy to share if it'd be useful to you too!

of course I'd be honored if you'd test it out for me. I'll pull it up and send it tomorrow since I just got home (1230am local).

Hi @acdw
Thatk you very much. :)

Emacs throws a "Symbol’s function definition is void: acdw/org-extract-heading-text" Could it be because I'm on emacs 28.0.50?

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