@TheGibson Earlier today I figured out how to mitigate that stuff on a large scale without having to touch the UI...


@paradroyd @TheGibson there are other projects to customize Firefox thru user.js as well, like github.com/pyllyukko/user.js/ and ghacks.net/2016/07/03/comprehe

I have yet to dig into these and figure out what I want to do with mine but it might be of interest

@acdw @TheGibson There's actually a similar mechanism for Chromium using a .json file called "policy.json", typically in /etc/chromium/policies/managed That's part of how I lock our Raspberry Pi-based PACs down.
Honestly you can stick any .json file in there and it's contents will be honored. THAT one I knew about. This Firefox thing I just found today.

@paradroyd @TheGibson oh wild! yeah I don't get why it's a JavaScript file because it seems like it's just a lot of settings.

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