How do you sign your emails (before your name)? Right now I'm a "best,"-ie, but in college I wrote "Hugs," ... A coworker does "yrs," which I like, but idk if it's /me/.

What do yall do? Looking for something /fresh/

· · Web · 5 · 1 · 0 I do best regards but i change regards to a word that looks remotely like it like best regrets best hangars best fregates lots of examples on tildepals i use that mostly when bikeshedding

Best bloggers,

~lucidiot and when i'm not inspired,

Best bikesheddings,



May the bike shed with you.
And also with you. and YOU get a bikeshed and YOU get a bikeshed and EVERYBODY GETS A BIKESHED

@acdw People who sign with Cheers I assume are NOT American.

@inscript TBH that's what I was thinking. It's a distinctly not-American sign off.

Which I maintain is a lack in America's English

Mvh ScumbagDog


Depending on how formal the mail is

Med venlig hilsen.

Danish for "with friendly greetings"

@ScumbagDog Oh I like that!

Also love your instance domain :P

@acdw I write a different one every time. At some point I wanted to write that text communications were de facto asynchronous and that people shouldn’t feel pressured to answer me ASAP (we’ve got phones for that), but I was afraid it could look like a hypocrite way to excuse myself for not checking my emails every day.

@af I kinda love that! I 100000% agree about it too, people are too stressed about email especially.

Maybe I'll add that under my signature, like those dumb "This communication is only intended for its recipients" quasilegal things

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