when they translated Fahrenheit 451 to like, French, did they translate the title to Celsius too? 🤔🤔🤔

@epoch Hm, does

Celsius 232 7/9

roll off the same way ???

@acdw i know this is a joke but i could swear that in the edition i read the introduction mentioned some translation that indeed called it "Celsius 218"

@agafnd OH amazing!!! It wasn't super a joke b/c like, it's a legit question, just a silly question.

Thanks :)

@acdw but note that "All other Latin alphabet foreign language editions (including subsequent Danish editions) have been published with the Fahrenheit 451 title restored."

@agafnd @acdw

oh huh, i have the physicist’s limited edition of this one, it’s 506 K

@agafnd @acdw Pretty sure when I read it in Danish (late 80'ies) it was back to fahrenheit.

@liebach Yeah; this was the only edition to use "Celsius" in the title, from what I understand.

@agafnd @acdw The author chose the title to sound good. It would've been better if the translators had taken the opportunity to use the scientifically accurate temperature.

@hd or, perhaps, a similar number that sounds cool in Danish

I'm certainly not the first to make that joke:
Kelvin 506

@acdw In Spanish has been always Fahrenheit 451. They didn't change anything not even the movie title. Something good because there's long tradition in Spain to change the titles of the movies to something they think more commercial. But they probably thought that as it was based in a book better leave it that way.

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