Dog, licking, possible eye contact 

Every day when I get home from work

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Dog, she is okay 

Proof! She is a goofy lady. And she knows just how cute she is! Thanks for the well wishes yall 😘

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So I found this service that generates lyrics using GPT given a band. And I put in Neutral Milk Hotel. Ded


Tonight's was better than last week's because it rose for the right amount of time

Food, covid adjacent, possible mh 

Wife texts asking if I'm losing my mind. I said no. She sent me this picture.

I may have been wrong.


Y'all. I got a Fanny pack. I'm so excited!


Update: I cut it! It's not so flavorful as I'd hoped but hey, it's

Selfie, no ec 

I just made this yesterday and found out about today. Coincidence?!

Well, yes, actually.

Selfie, ec, gnome hat 

I shaved my head and now my gnome hat stays on really well


Seitan Mac and Cheese. Was gluten free but then seitan! Still

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