Food, yelling 


20-21. BEACH

This one took me two days because of the sea texture. Do I regret it? A little. Anyway I think it looks dope.

15. Buffallo.

Thinking about making greeting cards of this.

I did and made a ! The toe is effed, but hey it's my first so. Just have to make one more for the set

Dishes update 


But there's more. There's always more

So I've been doing or but in MS Paint. Here's today's. It's birds singing in a stand of bamboo behind my house.

Dog, licking, possible eye contact 

Every day when I get home from work

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Dog, she is okay 

Proof! She is a goofy lady. And she knows just how cute she is! Thanks for the well wishes yall 😘

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She is not making it, y'all
Pray for her

So I found this service that generates lyrics using GPT given a band. And I put in Neutral Milk Hotel. Ded

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