Well there goes my chance to buy property

Dog photo, covid 

Quarantine has affected us all

Food, covid adjacent, possible mh 

Wife texts asking if I'm losing my mind. I said no. She sent me this picture.

I may have been wrong.


Y'all. I got a Fanny pack. I'm so excited!


Update: I cut it! It's not so flavorful as I'd hoped but hey, it's

Selfie, no ec 

I just made this yesterday and found out about today. Coincidence?!

Well, yes, actually.

Selfie, ec, gnome hat 

I shaved my head and now my gnome hat stays on really well


Seitan Mac and Cheese. Was gluten free but then seitan! Still

CW: crochet warning 

Fischer Price's My First Granny Square

comic, navel discussion 

Oh AND I wrote another little comic with my two (unnamed) characters:


Bout to eat this whole half a melon, this is how I feel

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