29: honestly don't even remember what I talked about here. Just chit chatting


days 5-7: camping in Tunica Hills

lots of fun camping. we hiked along a river bed. the dogs loved it. i only took audio, really, of birds though. hm.


day 2: worries about covid and the current political situation

CW the above

2020 -- Day 1!

In which I read some more Old Bad Poems and fry a vegan hot dog. YUM :)


I swear I have one more big dump to make. I just have to get around to stitching the audio together. I'll set myself a deadline of July 4

day 10: An HTML poem (allow auto-play audio in your browser for it to work): tilde.town/~acdw/oregano.html
Talked about (as well as the magic of tilde.town and others) here: acdw.net/10547/web-art/

Today for , I listened to birdsong and a hymn we sang at the close of Sunday service. I missed the cricket song later in the evening. acdw.net/10546/songs/

day 8, thirteen hours late. I was out all night at New Orleans Pride, had a great time. Got some CROWD SOUNDS: acdw.net/10545/crowd-sounds/

day 7: an ~experimental(!)~ clip with boiling water, fans, and dogs: acdw.net/10544/home-sounds/ (by experimental, of course, I mean I paused the recording twice)

Today I wrote a poem from a rough draft I recorded for . I like this style of composition; I think I'll try it again!


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