Anybody have ideas on how to get feeds thru ? I feel like it's possible I just have to figure it out

Can't figure out -brown ( server) on Nearly Free Speech :(

It might not be possible .. I thought it might be but now I'm not sure :(

Seriously thinking about making almost completely focused

Finally able to get the konpeito summer ... pure bliss :)

software release 

0.4.0 has been released! Notably, it can browse gopher:// links now.

See details and/or download the new version at :)

PS. of *course* I released this right before reading about the spec changes ... expect an update soon, in proud tradition of *.*.1 releases for bollux.

bolluxposting, release 

I've made history version-worthy. Check out 0.3.0!


Just implemented (VERY basic) history support in ! Check it out:

What should the exit message be for ?

bollux release 

I've release v0.2 of , a client in bash.

This release includes better typesetting of text/gemini clients and better URL transformation.

See the release notes at

I feel like the client torture test is like a video game, with levels. Today made it to level 7 before dying!

Software release 

It took me a little longer than a weekend, but bollux (the client I wrote) is released!

It's got the BASIC functionality right now. I'm gonna add more stuff, like history and bookmarks, later. This week, maybe!

Just set up a server! I feel very Hackerman

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