I haven't been posting my s here much, though I've been writing them most days. I just haven't been happy with them. This one, though, I'm fairly happy with. It's about the stars:

"Storytime part 5: The Stars"


I've written a about Fargo, North Dakota.
That's also what it's called:


Unfortunately, I know little about Fargo,
so I hope no one who actually lives there or has been there
is offended.
If you are, I'm sorry.

Wrote a verse story that isn't quite as great as its title: The best ride on Earth will take you from the heart of America to the heart of Australia


So my hundredth self published is on my website. I feel like maybe ten of them are worth anything. I think that's a good ratio?

breakfast; childcare 

New for my habit:


(And yeah, I know *last* month was National Poetry Month; wahtever)

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