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pooped out a about what's happening in my life right now...which isn't much


New , short enough to include here (just one more today!):


The dogs still bark like they always did
and romp and run outside and back in

The birds still sing, maybe more, even,
than they did before, or maybe we're hearing

them now finally that we're pulled outside
of ourselves, even while we're hunkered,

bunkered in our houses, a silent bombing
carrying on outside. England during wartime.

I haven't been posting my s here much, though I've been writing them most days. I just haven't been happy with them. This one, though, I'm fairly happy with. It's about the stars:

"Storytime part 5: The Stars"

Hey, I wrote like an iambic haiku (7,5,7 iambs instead of syllables):

It's...meh. But it's a I !

I've written a about Fargo, North Dakota.
That's also what it's called:

Unfortunately, I know little about Fargo,
so I hope no one who actually lives there or has been there
is offended.
If you are, I'm sorry.

Wrote a verse story that isn't quite as great as its title: The best ride on Earth will take you from the heart of America to the heart of Australia

So my hundredth self published is on my website. I feel like maybe ten of them are worth anything. I think that's a good ratio?

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Another poem, this one about a coat, a kid, and a waffle:

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