Old Bad Poems, "Kink" mention (here too, I suppose) 

Page 22: "Refinition (If that is a Real Word)"

Apparently I've been into language play for a long time: acdw.net/words/phi/refinition/

(Side note: "language play" sounds like a weird kink)

Old Bad Poems, Making Fun Of Accents 

Page 22: "What About Wisconsin?"

I'm not reading this one aloud. I apologize to my friends and family who are from the places I ridicule in this poem.
I feel like I need a version of the WB disclaimer in front of their old cartoons here. I was young! Naive! An idiot!


Old Bad Poems 

Page n: Idaho?

Maybe my favorite conspiracy theory of all time.


Old Bad Poems 

Page 19: A twist! Ending! Read all the way to the end on this one, yall.


Old Very Bad Poems 

Page 16: "High They're!"

I don't know if I even knew what drugs were at this point beyond D.A.R.E. (mis)education.


Old Bad Poems 

Page 13: 2 Haikus and an unsure sijo


I think the sijo is nicer than either of the haikus.

Old, Very Bad Poem 

Page 12: "Joe II"

I honestly have no excuse for this one. Sorry.


Old Bad Poems 

Day / Page 11: "Quatrains"

Originally these were split up into "Quatrains I & II" and "Quatrains III & IV", but they're all on the same page so they are here, as well.
This piece is interesting to me, now -- it gestures toward my semi-obsession with the divine that developed later, though it's, as per usual with these, naive. I do like the structure though, mostly -- it's a little simplistic and these days I'd vary it more.


Old Bad Poems 

Day 10: Limes

I'm not sure what to say about this. It's bad, even for Old Bad Poems. Oh well -- it's got limes.


Old Bad Poem 

Day 9: "Joe"
I don't really know what to say about this one. It's the first departure from a pun title, but it's also enigmatic. Evocative, maybe, of Crane. Of interest: a possibly-nascent leaning toward vegetarianism.


Old Bad Poems 

Day 8: In which I channel G Stein without knowing it. Also featuring a read-aloud, per request.


Old Bad Poems 

Day x: in which I extol the virtues of not having carpal tunnel, which is funny because I did get that like, last year. Also, more bad puns centered around a misunderstanding of genre


Old Bad Poems 

In today's installment: hobbies, postal service workers, surprising parallels to my life now, and of course, a sweet naivete about what kind of mail is important.


Bad Old Poems 

In today's installment, a particularly fluffy piece. Of interest is the supposition by seventh-grade me that these poems would comprise a best-seller.


war, bad poetry 

Day 3:
This is a and also -- whoa
It's funny; I actually mention the exact time and date I was writing this *in* the poem, and it was right after the Iraq War started. I guess I've always been worried about us blowing ourselves up.


Day 2 of old bad : "Prose Inger"

CW for .. PC criticism? Like a dumb kind? I don't know. I might just be distracted by how ridiculous this poem is and how I did *not* know what prose meant.


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