Okay I'm doing that thing where I'm deleting social media from my phone again, see y'all in a few weeks when I tentative Tusky again



Over the garden wall 

I wanna be a shitpost celebrity but I don't know how

@peemobil omg is gonga from the Klaspy Csupo produced tapes? Because I'd forgotten about that one in particular

[ATHIEST]: *sees the fabric of society crack under capitalist pressures; parents working long hours, kids raising themselves, all sense of community eroding* "...I know what's wrong here...these fucking fools believe in god, haha i am very smart lol."

The weirdest thing about getting older is finding out that a ton of kids' favorite meal is buttered noodles.


Just heard a guy on the phone on the toilet and honestly I wish I had that kind of confidence

the word "lazy", mh, abuse (thread) 

@Kinkfluid you know, when I did summer camp I put coffee and black tea together, calling it Coftea. It really worked well!

I had to much coffee then crashed, but I'm okay now

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