@djsundog well then i'mma have to listen to chess right now!!

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@djsundog @lilithsaintcrow that makes me think of "God bless the child" by blood sweat and tasted and tears

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@ljwrites sonnets are great fun! I gotta say I'm not familiar with spenserian ones tho

@shom oh oh, *I* am! it's everyone else who's the problem!

really though, love 0x0

yoooo ya boi just blocked his first scammer on masto

I have arrived

@hjertnes most of my paste in usage is on irc, where I have a text browser without js. when someone pastes something I just wanna look at it real quick, not open a whole new tab and stuff.

@kensanata hmm I dont know? it is what it is I guess. just a matter of time til I'm like What's a Dolger?

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pastebins requiring javascript should be illegal

I feel like the internet is slipping away from me

@pimoore lol I forgot I even tooted that, oof I was tipsy last night!

I'll keep a lookout for ya tho and sound the alarm

@edwardloveall Hey, this is dope! And thanks for the redirector code; very helpful.

you know i'm tipsy when i get on twitter again

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