Body pain 

I am so bad at eavesdropping. I wish I were better.

Bout to crochet all my Christmas gifts, so excited

Reminder that coops flourished during the great depression, being one of the few reliable sources of employment, and that credit unions were by and large the only financial institutions to make it through the '08 recession unscathed

Supporting the cooperative economy isn't just some long-term fantasy of slowly weakening capitalism from within until it withers. It's also vital dual power, and it'll be just as vital even if neoliberalism collapses in the next few years (which it very well might)

Support! Your! Local! Coop! Economy!

@max I've been thinking capitalism for a lot lately

so i've been interested by people doing internet office hours and was considering holding office hours for bike maintenance/commuting advice? is this a thing folks would be into?

(it's probably not the best season in the northern hemisphere for this, especially seeing the drop-off in attendance at the local bike co-op, but maybe a good time to try out the logistics and see if it's a thing)

boosts appreciated!

#mastobikes #officehours

Can we have a set of standard verbs for news headlines? Sick of seeing "fires back," "slammed," et al. And everyone does it

@eightbitsamurai apparently you can set the region to a language you don't speak and then it's just ads in that language, which I haven't tried but might be relaxing, since there's no context or purchase pressure

Therapy, mh- 

@mara_cav_ oh yes, she's fine. Only ate about 8 kisses, which is nowhere near enough to be toxic at her size (I checked!). It's just annoying because now it's like she has a deathwish.

Thanks for checking in!

My dog has decided she loves chocolate. Which is great

I haven't posted to my blog in like. A really long time. I should get on that

🎵🎶waiting in line at the pharmacy🎵🎶

I need to quit making these huge dish cloths; I only need so many

CW: crochet warning 

My dang keys have been lost since Wednesday and I'm losing my mind

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