thought experiment: a cat is in a box containing decaying nuclear material and poison gas. the box is on some trolley tracks. as the trolley approaches the box, it has all its parts systematically replaced so that no original part remains by the time it strikes the box. inside the trolley is a man receiving instructions on levers to pull in Chinese. do you take the money?

@wintgenstein if you were a kid in 1979, that's about equal, accounting for inflation. If you were a kid later it's less than they got paid back then

The browser provided styling of pages that lack CSS should not be ugly. Why is it so ugly, why.

My coworker said my phone sounds like tribbles so now it's on silent

@brogepi I spell it yall to further legitimize it as a word

@garfiald I see, and memes lack that vision. Which I agree with that critique: the "secret sauce" of Dada was its revolutionariness, and memes, at least to my mind, are just inchoate reactions to a shallowly-perceived status quo. They're jokes.

@garfiald thank you for the education! I never thought of it that way. Art does communicate with its time though, right? Is a product of the artist and so the society that artist is in? I agree that dismissing art as mere protest is missing the point, but there is such a thing as protest art?

I am, admittedly, out of my depth here.

@garfiald I feel like Dada was working *against* something, like the rigidness of the status quo or the absurdity of the first world war. What are modern memes working against? I guess there is an angst at the economic or political situation, and an anxiety at the ecological one. So maybe it's an echo, or contains echoes? Thoughts?

@pla thanks for the tips! I need to start riding on the weekends now...

Best of luck on your ride!

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