@olivia I think like, 30 minutes to a few hours? I'm not sure though.

sparkling water, or, as we say in germany, 'water classic'

@bees tho to your point, I agree. Idk why ghouls would have movement based vision.

@bees oh awesome! I didn't realize they made a goosebumps 2. The first one was great!

@gemlog I think when I finally requisition another server for just me I'm going to do hurt that!

You know what, I can do gemini too (1965) so I might be able to do most ports besides 22. So thats even better

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@kvothe It was fun! I did not appreciate it enough at the time of course .... you know, I was Too Cool

I need to figure out how to sync my misc.org file to and from work. Suggestions welcome!

Things I can use:
- https (so dav, etc, I think)
- emacs (portable)
- other portable apps
- whatever on Linux at home

Things I can't use:
- admin-privilege-needing anything at work
- anything *besides* https (I guess they block ports != [80, 443] ?)

so yeah. challenge.

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