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@agafnd OH amazing!!! It wasn't super a joke b/c like, it's a legit question, just a silly question.

Thanks :)

Which is better, which is better, or which is better: which is better: or which is better?

@epoch Hm, does

Celsius 232 7/9

roll off the same way ???

when they translated Fahrenheit 451 to like, French, did they translate the title to Celsius too? 🤔🤔🤔

@af I kinda love that! I 100000% agree about it too, people are too stressed about email especially.

Maybe I'll add that under my signature, like those dumb "This communication is only intended for its recipients" quasilegal things

@thomas hm you're right. tho really arenas should just have people names


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Today’s card is The Hanged One - serenity, release, self-sacrifice. It’s a day to cut yourself off from the demands and expectations of others and take time to work on yourself


@djsundog I swear I just wanna sell NFTs to try and get in on this cash grab because like money could really solve some problems for me but also like ugghhh they're the worst

finally replied to that ad account on reddit

i'm so accomplished today

oop i just sent an unasked-for correction email for some blog spam but apparently i wasn't quite right

Chris Rock wasn't in Lethal Weapon
He was in Lethal Weapon 4

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@wim_v12e Oh wild, it's interesting how the same phrases are so different ... something "lost in translation" haha :)

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