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You've heard of ozone, now get ready for brozone! We're here to warm your climate with man-to-man affirmation, radically redefine what it means to be masculine, and support meaningful and healthy relationships with our significant others. Better watch out, because today's a red level threat day, bro! Get in here for some unironic physical intimacy at a consensual level, up to and including a kiss on the forehead.


Made the mistake of popping my knuckles. Now my whole hand hurts

So my hundredth self published is on my website. I feel like maybe ten of them are worth anything. I think that's a good ratio?


An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

remember when it was in vogue among fake-deep Tumblr users to mention the word "sonder," a neologism for "briefly ceasing to be a solipsist"— oh, sorry, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own"— a lot?

and how those same people still see "considering the unseen complexity of the lives, contexts, and minds of other people" as an infrequent break in the clouds rather than the baseline reality of social interaction?

haha, yeah

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