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I was goofing on Esparanto and decided to actually learn a bit about it
And I felt ashamed immediately bc it's a really noble invention with a long and painful history

And also, there are definitely more Esparanto speakers than Klingon speakers

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*Finally* merged my redesign branch into master for my blog, only to have the publishing fail because of a linker error in Hakyll ...

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

glugging water from the sink in the dark, my entire universe is hydration

Just realized I could have a social *and* a political account, holy moly

So bummed that I found a great new markup (Textile) but the blog generator I use (Hakyll) has shoddy support for it

GREEN BALLOON first listen

TANK AND THE BANGAS are a great group from New Orleans. Saw them a few months ago. Great energy, great set. Out-partied Big Freedia if I daresay.

I like using the British "tonne" when I mean "ton" but like more so, and fancier

Is it worth it?
Let me work it
I put my thing down,
Flip it,
Pull it,
Twist it,
Bop it


we take a hardline, scorched-earth policy regarding the "adblocking war"
- we will block online ads
- we will block all ads that we are capable of blocking
- we could not possibly care about reasons why you think we shouldn't do that, and won't listen to them unless we really believe you've actually got our best interests in mind (hint: you haven't)
- if you attempt to foil our adblocking with technological measures, then we will consider your service to be malware and treat it as such

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