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I was goofing on Esparanto and decided to actually learn a bit about it
And I felt ashamed immediately bc it's a really noble invention with a long and painful history

And also, there are definitely more Esparanto speakers than Klingon speakers

*Finally* merged my redesign branch into master for my blog, only to have the publishing fail because of a linker error in Hakyll ...

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

glugging water from the sink in the dark, my entire universe is hydration

Just realized I could have a social *and* a political account, holy moly

So bummed that I found a great new markup (Textile) but the blog generator I use (Hakyll) has shoddy support for it

GREEN BALLOON first listen

TANK AND THE BANGAS are a great group from New Orleans. Saw them a few months ago. Great energy, great set. Out-partied Big Freedia if I daresay.

I like using the British "tonne" when I mean "ton" but like more so, and fancier

Is it worth it?
Let me work it
I put my thing down,
Flip it,
Pull it,
Twist it,
Bop it


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