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@cronjager no less embarrassing than the cartoonist who never stopped to consider "did I accidentally draw the coolest woman to ever exist?"

So I found out about the no budget film thing, maybe I'll make a film?

day 7: an ~experimental(!)~ clip with boiling water, fans, and dogs: (by experimental, of course, I mean I paused the recording twice)

Just added a comments link to my website...

Ready for all the trolls and scams!
(And if course genuinely nice people, y'all are great)


Today I wrote a poem from a rough draft I recorded for . I like this style of composition; I think I'll try it again!

bi people in "straight" relationships? 

Don't let anyone in the world forget that the filth are trying to put an end to #GunsDownWaterGunsUp. Ask why the government is so concerned with stopping a harmless event aimed at building community and reducing gun violence

Conservatives talk about how Black-on-Black violence is a problem that the community should stop itself, but once they do the state steps in and puts an end to it. Why?

Could it be that gang violence is a necessary facet of their broader strategy of oppression? That the Black community needs to continue to fighting itself to keep it from fighting its oppressors?

Obviously I'm not qualified to talk in depth about racial injustice, and I'm going to try and boost any PoC and Black voices I see talking about this from now on instead of saying any more, but I do know that this is something we need to be talking about. This is a clear display of the state's real goals

Just realized I biked (boke?) 15 miles yesterday. Feels good

For day 4, I recorded some of my bike ride home from therapy. It didn't go quite according to plan. Listen and read my write-up (it's too late to record it!) here

Empirical analysis of behavioral advertising finds that surveillance makes ads only 4% more profitable for media companies

cw meta 


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