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Finally got around to publishing a of Ada Hoffman's THE OUTSIDE, which is one of the best novels I've read in quite a while:

all-caps excited yelling, fashion 

Got the scans of my two rolls of film back and...

They're bad, yall.
They're real bad.

The Circle, wtf moments 

The Circle, wtf moments 

A little today, because I wasn't brave enough yet for the vulnerable exploration of my mental stuff:

CW for birds, blood, and hospitals. And necks.

birdsite new design 

Thinking about putting pages about my on my Wednesdays. Suggestions for styling are welcome!

Shoot, just realized I could post it here too. It's short enough

Reading The Circle 

Found out JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is on Netflix, so I might check that out

... and I quoted myself too. Really batting a thousand here.

"Really liking posting from for the Semantic Line Break quality of posts. It's great because Semantic Line Breaks are like writing prose in verse. Unless of course you do it like I'm doing it now, writing everything after the 'toot' command like a dunce."

I've written a about Fargo, North Dakota.
That's also what it's called:

Unfortunately, I know little about Fargo,
so I hope no one who actually lives there or has been there
is offended.
If you are, I'm sorry.

A piece about the specific ways transphobes target trans men 

Just watched Network,
holy shit
it's just too perfect

(For real yall, it F'd me up. I wrote a thing about it but I'm letting that stew til the morning)

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