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I feel like the past tense of "bike" should be "boke"

random kitchen science tip 

would anyone want to watch a writing livestream?

To borrow a phrase from Adichie: there is cement in my soul.

It's sort of..... Nice in a way, to think that all we really need for Justice is to step outside ourselves for a moment

I say to my friend, knowing it isn't true, when he mentions how parents are advocating higher teacher wages now they've taught for three hours


I usually just boost and fav at the same time. I'm probably doing it wrong

Any tips for beginning writers? I'd like to start doing some on the side but I don't know where to begin.


Covid, work, mh- 

Covid, mh- 

covid, targeted mh/coping resource site 

Website development 

I need to go to bed
but like, I don't want to

I've updated my webpage for a new beginning. @'s welcome.

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