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Patching a tire ...
having a good time...
learning to work on...
my bike is so fun!

Omg She-Ra has a new season AND Avatar is on?

Old Very Bad Poems 

Page 16: "High They're!"

I don't know if I even knew what drugs were at this point beyond D.A.R.E. (mis)education.

Humans can not be "productive". We should never measure or remark upon our own "productivity".

Systems can be productive. For example, an economic system can be productive or unproductive. A factory can be the same. A workflow can be productive. A piece software can be.

We shouldn't measure ourselves by what value we produce.

Especially when most of the value of the work we do under capitalism is extracted from us by bosses and landlords.

The lens of productivity is a inherently hierarchical way of viewing ourselves.

The obsession with productivity just pure neo-liberal economic capitalism seeping into our social relations kind of shite.

We are not systems to be "optimised". We are people. Living, breathing, caring, loving people. Fuck your productivity.


Installed Void Mate edition and my internet works like a charm. And my laptop runs snappier too!


I ate Too Many Chips and now my stomach hurts

Atlas Hugged: Why Ayn Rand was wrong about everyhing!

A children's book with heartwarming pictures

Really annoyed; rude language 

My fucking internet won't not be shitty long enough for me to download a non sucky distro

Old Bad Poems 

Page 13: 2 Haikus and an unsure sijo

I think the sijo is nicer than either of the haikus.

The flour was delivered! Everyone seemed pretty cool :)

hey what is the deal with the word "textbook"

most books have text

Old, Very Bad Poem 

Page 12: "Joe II"

I honestly have no excuse for this one. Sorry.

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