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When you take the MBTI and don't like your results... that's Meyers Remorse

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I just remembered April is ... I'd better dust off my poetry pen!

... Which is just a pen, but don't dash it's dreams

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90s Taco Bell is my favorite aesthetic

I just realized I'll never subtoot because I am way too paranoid. Same reason I haven't written any truly good stuff about my life.

Lol @ " ready in 330.26 seconds with 0 garbage collections."

This was a from scratch config build, but still.

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as it turns out being terminally online is very bad for your mental health

*i continue being online*

ah, well, nevertheless,

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adulting protip: make a folder called "Taxes" and put all your tax shit in it

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omg i did it. is open for registration as a public BETA.
It's a pubnix, a public access computer with servers, social spaces and programming tools to create and have fun together as a community!

So far it offers HTTP, Gemini, IRC, multiple userlands and shells and a BBS protocol.

It is still quite bare-bones and the BBS client and package manager is still a work in progress.

If anyone is working on a pubnix and would like to start a pubnix network (kinda like tildeverse). Let me know I wanna do that too :)

boosts welcome

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Took about 2 years to come to the realization I should've stuck with Hakyll all along

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here's my problem with (predominantly white) dystopian fiction: it has long since ceased being a Grim Portent of a Future Yet To Come and instead has become a tool of the dystopia we currently live in to demoralize, paralyze, and short-circuit progressive thought

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This is just openly, unrepentantly evil. "‘All of this is mine’: In Mississippi, landlords legally snatch all belongings from tenants during an eviction":

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free food, vegetarian, united states 

krispy creme offers free doughnut every day for rest of 2021 for anyone with covid-19 vaccination card:

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I had a really good idea for a toot but I forgot it

Just pretend you read it and were like, "heh."

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Slightly adjusted. I've added this to my website now, using it with the `image-rendering: pixelated;` CSS.

Fucking silly but I love it.


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Recipe, vegan 

"30-Minute Tempeh Stir-Fry" – Minimalist Baker

I've made this recipe a half-dozen times, and it's always an utter joy. Based on the ingredients list, you might think it's bland health food (kale? quinoa? tempeh?), but put it all together and it's a miracle of flavor. My only twist is to cook the quinoa with a bit of vegetable broth (1c uncooked quinoa, 1c veg broth, ~1.25c water in a brown rice cooker usually does the trick).

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