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you'll have to pry wimsy out of my frigid, spellbound hands

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browser extension that replaces every instance of "cancel culture" with "consequences of my actions"

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I just got a freakin minute-long voicemail from a scammer about my student loans. Why a minute tho

Remember: if it's not from the Emoji region of Japan, it's just a sparkling smiley

Apparently I dropped something at work and everyone was so concerned they had my other coworker get my attention (I was wearing headphones so I didn't hear anyone).

I have no idea what it was I even dropped but I'm flattered they cared.

tired: me
wired: not me
inspired: also not me

tfw your shirt was on backwards all day

Nope, lol! I forgot I called that function too. It's a self-defined one. If you don't put links in your headers you probably don't need it.

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someone should make a real anarchist cookbook that's just a bunch of recipes for bread

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reminder that the economy is artificial and every death due to lack of housing, food, or medical care is an act of political violence

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Someone posted this on one of the map subreddits and all the comments are people saying โ€œI live in LA and Iโ€™ve never heard of korb torsonsโ€ and the OP arguing with them and itโ€™s like the only good thing Iโ€™ve seen on there in years

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showed my wife my function to automatically export my org tree to plain text, copy it to the clipboard, and open the Google doc to paste it into..

she said "or you could just write it in Google Docs?"

nobody gets me

work - 

Of course, the internal ticketing system at work doesn't have an introspectable API, and it doesn't email me all the information I need -_-

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