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white "culture" is mediocre restaurants that make the servers give you cards to review how they did at the end of the meal


So I mentioned I go to therapy to my co-workers and nothing terrible happened. That was nice

I've posted a sort-of writeup to how I do this series thing:

it's rough and I'm not super happy about it, but it's done.

All right fediverse, since the timeline works now, it's time for the #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2 lineup!
From last issue:
@david_a_webcomic (myself)
To the contributors that haven't already done their stories (most of you), your stories are due by November 2nd for a November 8th release!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Wrote a today for my s.
It's for baked beans.

I've never made baked beans, or really eaten them.

Trying to write a song without a musical instrument help

my sole source of US geography is the song "delaware" by irving gordon

Thinking of "Prostetnic Vegan Jeltz" as a display name

I sure do love the ad comparing being on your parents' insurance to being a petulant child. Christ insurance under capitalism is inhuman.

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