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pastebins requiring javascript should be illegal

I feel like the internet is slipping away from me

you know i'm tipsy when i get on twitter again

Should I hop on Twitter and complain @ the people who write blogspam badly

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Tim Curry inviting people in to his mansion on a dark and stormy night, a perfect genre


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oh boy tomorrow starts tubertober, make a potato every day and post with the hashtag

tubertober Tuesdays get extra bonus points!

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me: at a funeral
DJ: starts playing "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

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What hand do you write with?

Pls boost for sample size

mang today is really just how it is huh

oh shit this song fucking slaps, i love mexican food

I gotta say, Medium is a surprisingly good show with a lot of depth

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sex education season 3 

Get your shoes off the bed! god!

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