listening to the right left game, it is a very fun podcast

Water wafting in a glass
Light pours through a window
Rainbow tendrils dancing
A shadow slinking outward

the flower blooms once, in winter
with it's fiery petals
orange hues backward fold
into charcoal stem
it's leaves emerald
a mirror to summer

a coin flipped
it turned up tails
reality splintered parallels

another wave
another gasp
each into it's last
I thought us invincible
until life exhaust it's half

light faded
darkness rolled
stars became nebula unfurled
it's like I saw as a child
all the space and all the world
before me, unexplored

two sand castles were built
in the early morning
by evening one was destroyed
the other slowly melting

the colors rushed onto the page
they saw their chance and flew

some as simple shapes
others complex, lush and new

a few began to dance in spirals
while other boldly jot

never had the colors
ever thought to stop

they kept their dancing up and up
until the page was through

then with a heavy sigh they froze
waiting for a page to present itself anew

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the thing in the house that pulses the walls
must be on vacation
im just not sure where it goes
which leads to my vexation

Surely it will come back one day
and if it does ill be happy
no one has pulsing walls that bleed
I guess that makes me sappy

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some days can be hard 

and I'm proud you keep going
I'm proud you keep pushing
beneath all the bullshit
know that we are all scared

the lady sat, her dog on her lap
the grass scratching her legs
the clouds filtering the sun

games, games
the more you work
the more I wrote
the more you took
the more you feel
the more you steal

I love listening to the soundtrack from Night In The Woods. Something about its tone just feels like pushing a puzzle piece into the right spot

Being sad is nice, i havent let myself feel how awful this year has been. Ive lost family with no hope of going to their funerals. Then, today I just started crying while writing.

I remember why I liked writing so much. It gets those things ive pushed down a way OUT.

She wore a band of hair like a circlet
Around her boney wrist
It once was wavy gold
Now a lonely color of

I remember those raven eyes

Pleasure to meet you all. Ive taken a long break from writing but seemed intriguing. So intriguing. I decided to continue again.

Thanks for having me

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