one became two
and thats why
we stopped counting
dah faq multiplied constant bs

god didn't listen
that's why you look
like the devil's ambition
freedom is most
people's condition

we looked through glass
each obscured
I really like the way you move

think not on what ive done
it was merely passing thought
a birthmarks stain of my creation
im sorry to you saw it
wasn't it brilliant though?
before it wasnt

two rooms across from one another
doors staring venomous stares
sometimes one gets so angry
a human comes spilling out
the vomit of hotels
into the sewer of hallways

at the end of our journey
we saw peace
wrapped in a blanket
guns scattered on the floor
dried leaves submitted to wind

im standing in line
the hair in front of me smells like summer flowers
while behind me a man stands to close

while i slept
my dreams leaked out
they flowed and found the floor
to any mouse
that trotted by
the things they saw
would make them cry

I believe
that all of us
the best of our mothers
the best of our fathers
nurture yourself

an ember turned into a pillar
staring down the well
i couldnt look away

the thrill of looking down
only six feet to the ground
When I was younger
I leapt from cliffs
crashed into salty waters
now - I tremble
only six feet from the ground

she looked at her friend
you know,
I never would have gotten involved
but I'm glad I did

life is
a drug
a love
a choice
it's all a river
that moves us forward
there is no fall
it is all
the end, salvation

the ramifications
of confessions
what happens to me?

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that's the short version.

it's a new day. hello.

you remind me
every day
why I wake up
why I live
you are so much hope
seeing so much pain
I just want to walk
beside you
- endurance

we laid each brick
carefully on top of the next
building our great tower
climbing ever higher

until at last I could see
all of this world
then i slipped

falling isn't too bad
but it hurts when you're shattered

I waited for you
of course
I'd watch
the ocean break
I waited for you

this is you
far to late
whispers and whiskey

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