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which fall so sweet
are light
floating into moonlight

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April 1 2021 Fantasy Poetry Slam Results 

Thing I dropped a weird into, results:

Had way more fun than any reasonably infinite number of monkeys should have.

ivory fire arks through charcoal dipped clouds.
violet white foam bubbles into each new sibling.
an angry symphony building tempo on a dark day,
bathing the prairie in

Im watching the storm above
an ant watching heaven tear itself apart

It's an almost and you say
that leaving me isnt leaving we
but i dont know
so for now leaving
is just sitting napping
in a chair

letting the paints pool in clear water
is like watching exotic paraffin
slide down a gravity well

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing. – Anonymous

sitting in a car
the engine idling in park.
my fingers reach then wrap
around the ignition key
turning until it clicks

the engine dies.
subtle undulations become quiet.
warm recycled air settles.

sunlight tickles off fake leather

this break,
this silence before opening the door,
is really special

I saw a desert 🏜️
deep within; give me time
you'll see me cross

I saw a rose and picked it.
the petals smelled like rain.
blood met beauty
it's stem is jagged pain.

these snowflakes falling
someday, eventually
will drip down our tombstones.
breaking down the soil.
then one day, generations from now
our children will see
those clouds hovering above
filled with our dissolved bones
then dance, as rain comes
crying down on them

Doing some #WriteFreely maintenance today, merging long-standing pull requests and fixing some bugs. I'd like to wrap up a v0.13 release this month, ideally. Yesterday I put things in place to support “allowed” apps on the API, and today I need to look into some apparently availability-related publishing issues.

Is anyone participating in National Poetry Month? If so, check out how to submit your poems on I don't write much , but I love reading it!

some days im just tired
and on those days instead
I get to go to meetings
so i sleep inside my head

within the lightbulb lived a fly
who swooped and laughed
lived and died.
throughout it's life
the light was warm
the nights were long
and dreams were sewn
to be relived at dawn

it's a work of fiction
thats just what they all said
until the unicorn ran through a column
and knocked its owner dead

In case you’re a person on here who’s still trying to get away from Twitter, I wrote a user stylesheet that might help you:

it is hard to feel the wind
with the windows closed
to feel the warmth of sunlight
when the curtains shut
to know a book
that you've never read

political / games 

sonic is the perfect example of getting old
he's not able to die until he runs out of money
or drowns... I guess

if you walk in circles
and should you meet yourself
pat them on the back and smile
It almost always helps 🧟‍♂️

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