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which fall so sweet
are light
floating into moonlight

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She was in love with the lake.

With the murky waters and spiralling dust lit up like stars in the sickly sunbeams.

With dark fish that darted around her, curious and quick to slip away.

With the plants that rippled their fronds slowly in the still waters.

With the dark figure that dwelled below and traded her stories of a lost world for her own of the sunlit lands above.

Who kissed her, mindful of their sharp teeth, and cradled her face gently with clawed hands.

#microfiction #TootFic

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I'm setting this as a writing challenge to myself, but y'all are welcome to join in if you like. 27 prompts. Use them for flash fiction, microfiction, or whatever else you feel like. And have fun!

Plain text version of the prompts list is available here:

a mayfly may
in its day
live more than the sum of its hours

though in that way
im sure it prays
in feverish endeavors

in dreams of play
or longing to stay
never knowing it was cheated

for what mayfly would say
with only a day
that any life was different

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crisp, light, bright
silence engulfs the world
I hear your crunching
I see your fall
crisp, light, bright
new day, new layers
untouched, pristine

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words must be said
when certain things are taken

...... except

won't come.

because what was took
was too much
too much
for me to have imagined

it's one, dirty lens
to embrace infinity

half of me devoured by shallow waters
the other half, uncaring
clouds above pass lazily
moonlight burns my body
sinking down into twighlight sands,
winter feels so far away

you are right
given all they'd said
is a divine
an explosive under a mask 🎭

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I love good feelings
Little things go along way
to boost someone's spirits
I am happy
I am blessed with the best cheerleader
I will cherish your spirit and help you reach your heights too
The best way I know how

sold a short story to a publisher 

minutes are plankton
new stories I write
young whales

years pass as they grow large,
intricate and unique
swimming the open oceans
of internet, paper or speech

some are seen
by whalers in the sea

who don't bear
the cost of time
but see themselves
fit to judge

they care her flesh is meaty
her spirit indomitable
when last she's close
they sharpen spears
then thrust...

it's possible to change this world
these words are fickle but
actions are like the way
we were raised
awake to the song
asleep to the mnemonics

water droplets
bound by silver thread
each caught raindrop
hanging around her head

the night is a necklace

she is
that's why
life is like this
we'd call it a drug
because being this happy
is being addictive too love

we fixed the things
we knew we could

before work began
on things we should

never looking deeply in
into the sad and long forgotten

puzzles pieces on the ground
you plan but haven't started

the turtles shell
had badly cracked
quickly he descended
so deep he swam
until he found
an underwater volcano

then with effort
he bore the cooling lava
into shell, into himself
and rose at last
from the bottom

a changed creature
whose shell glistened like glass
more than he was
reflecting the soul of the ocean

a rope tried to bite itself
"ouch" it said,
knot today

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worry festers but my heart cannot

no worries does make my heart light

my worry is my heart can't stay light

worry no more you say

I will try another day

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