I am back. Renamed my Write.as blog. New name is Ajes Undaily.

I started a micro.blog. Check it out at ajennische.com

Hello. Thanks for letting me in. I live in Sweden, work as a journalist and am a father if three. I like reading and writing. Social media is my substitute to nicotine.

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Good morning. The birds are yelling outside: coffee!

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It’s late in Sweden. I better go to sleep. Good night.

Det finns uppenbarligen användare med svenska som språk här.

Wrote a soecial for all people at writing.exchange and Write.as. Hope you enjoy it. I don’t usually do this in english. write.as/ajes/a-special-one-fo

Hello world of Mastodon. I am new here and will now introduce myself. I’m a 40 year old journalist living in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a dad of three (got twins), I like books, blogging, swimrun and alternative music. Next week I start a new job as news chief at a magazine and website covering real estate and construction businesses as well as urban planning.
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Thank you for letting me in here. What do I have to know?

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