Hello world of Mastodon. I am new here and will now introduce myself. I’m a 40 year old journalist living in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a dad of three (got twins), I like books, blogging, swimrun and alternative music. Next week I start a new job as news chief at a magazine and website covering real estate and construction businesses as well as urban planning.
news editor

@ajes Welcome AJES!

How "alternative" is your choice in music? I get caught listening to Wagner, and I'm slapped with the "alternative" label.

Then again, I also like heavy metal, at highly irresponsible volumes.

@meg Wagner maybe isn’t my first choice even though I don’t dislike it. Right now I’m listening to Death grips, Fugazi, Fleet foxes and Have heart.

@ajes Welcome to and the Fediverse! Is your new position as news chief a step up for you, a new venture, or a role you're familiar with?

@wordsmith it’s a role I am familiar with but the place is completely new.

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