Today I read Seven Months Down and Two to Go by Rachel Swirsky and Trace Yulie. You can find it in Asmov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr 2018.

Check out my spoiler-free review here:

Cats are sorta like miniature furry dragons that haven't grown their wings yet.

I mean--my cat gives me this look and it his dragon face.

I a short story everyday and post a little review of it on my blog. Lots of fantasy and sf from leading mags. Check it out.

Gym ☑️
Coffee ☑️
Break ☑️
Show ☑️
Off to school, today subbing Mid School English.

Some thoughts on some new SF novels and a critique of a Flash Fiction piece; The Hole Where Andy Used To Be

I don’t need anything from Dick’s Sporting Goods, but I might stop by and spend some money there anyway.

Hey artists with other jobs to make rent... sometimes we compare ourselves to and our work to folks who do it full time or who can put in more hours... and sometimes we can be unkind to ourselves about it. Maybe it’s the extra time it takes us, the slower speed at which we improve, or the finished result. Maybe it’s the breaks we need or lack of energy.

Your #art matters. Your #painting or #fiberarts or #embroidery or #crossstitch or # quilting or #sketch? You make the world beautiful. Thanks.

@kevinhearne curious if there are other instances with an active community of writers you know of?

My mom got me an ancestry dna kit for Xmas and all I’ve learned is that I’m related to a bunch of other white ppl. SHOCKING.

I highly recommend Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. It’s a great urban fantasy, however I was constantly aware that it had to be a man who had written it. Just some of the ways in which the main character deals with things was so....ridiculous. Still, a quick and exciting read.

Dear Writer,
If you’re part of an online critique group (text only, no FaceTime) and you systematically refute every comment I’ve made on your piece and have told me I need to see your piece more how you see your piece, well, you’re missing the point of critique. It’s only helpful if you can see the value in other ppls ideas.

I put twitter on my phone for the past week and it ruined my life for a week. Thanks for reminding me why I deleted you in the first place Twitter.

Hi everyone--been gone for a bit, but here I am. I'm back back back. *Sips on his third mug of coffee*

Speaking of critique, does anyone else use

Also known as Critters Critique?

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