Used to keep a journal and was just looking back through it. Found this weird sentence as part of a day:

> When you have a headache, you get sick and then have ice cream boogers

@andreas I've have some nice email correspondence with Herman as well. There's nothing wrong with bearblog - and the discovery feed is nice - I just can't access it whilst on my work computer - maybe not a bad thing ;)

I initially loved but now I'm not so sure...

@andreas I'm contemplating it. I like how it includes images, and the export function (for when I change my mind again).

A strange one but my work blocks URL but not Mataroa. I've tried getting domains unblocked but it always has to be for "legitimate business reasons" and not sure I can think of any for this.

@andreas lol nothing wrong with not signed up to *another* blogging platform!

@andreas It didn't seem to bad to me?

Appeared very much like bearblog but with image support and an export ability.

Justified text on blog posts, and other long prose websites seems very uncommon. I think it looks messy unless justified, but perhaps I'm in the minority. What do you think?

@andreas Haven't heard of it...but going to check it out now! Thanks 😃

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