There are two types of crying
One to reaffirm your pain
One to release your pain
Come to peace with your emotions
And you will know and feel
That you are

Rejoice when you discover them
For they are a gateway
To a buried past
And a forgotten pain
An opportunity to turn around
To forgive what you forgot
And become whole

There are so many aspects of me that I always struggle describing myself in a few words.

I can be silly and cute.
I can be logical, nerdy, detailed, analytic.
I can be dreamy and spiritual.
I can be creative, musical, artistic, emotional.
I can be deep and meaningful.

By being too logical, I can get stuck. By being too spiritual, I can lose my footing.
Be a rock and a feather.

In joining this community, I seek to evolve and learn, to inspire and to be inspired.

Love to all.

Writing Exchange

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