There are so many aspects of me that I always struggle describing myself in a few words.

I can be silly and cute.
I can be logical, nerdy, detailed, analytic.
I can be dreamy and spiritual.
I can be creative, musical, artistic, emotional.
I can be deep and meaningful.

By being too logical, I can get stuck. By being too spiritual, I can lose my footing.
Be a rock and a feather.

In joining this community, I seek to evolve and learn, to inspire and to be inspired.

Love to all.

@alien With such an intro I'm almost tempted to think you're someone I already know :-)

A poetic first toot. Welcome!


Welcome! Concision is tricky. I struggle with it myself. I hope we're able to aid you in your evolution.

(Unless you're an Eevee, because then we'd be helping you with your Eeveelution too.)

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