I'm afraid that is too western, white and focused on fiction to make a change. People prefer fetishizing aesthetics to noticing the real changemakers around the world.

Have you heard about ? Its a network of hackers from Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. They do things some solarpunk writers only imagine, but there is little interest in that in the West.

Why not start ?

@alxd i understand where youre coming from, but there's some incredible folks putting up great resistance. i recommend checking out some stuff on ssb.

gig looks incredible tho. their values/objectives pages are on point. I'm so happy to see this


Being new on mastodon - what is SSB?

Ive spoken with some authors around the world and Im just worried that they prefer covering their imagined worlds, not real stories like how the Iraqi hackers managed to map the radioactivity levels in Bagdhad with open hardware geiger counters.

The change is happening right now, we're just blind for it, drunk on imagination.

@alxd yea, i can't disagree with that. there's a lot of fascination for lore, art, and story telling, but not always doing.

ssb is a decentralized protocol for social networking, there's some good discussion for solarpunk stuff

@alxd @tsu

I know I should know it... but what is #SolarPunk, really?

I recently discovered I've never really understood #Punk (mainly because, in Italy, they looked mostly as a fashion movement to my eyes, and while I don't care about fashion in general, I really didn't like their aestetic).

Do you have any link to share?

@Shamar @tsu @alxd

I do: Solar Punk is a genre of Speculative Fiction that focuses on craftsmanship, community, and technology powered by renewable energy, wrapped up in a coating of Art Nouveau blended with African and Asian drawings. It envisions a free and egalitarian world with a slight bend toward social anarchism.
@Shamar @alxd

punk is dad ;)

if cyberpunk is understanding and reclaiming technology

solarpunk is a movement which aims to push those boundaries via sustainable and accessible alternatives

i recommend setting up Patchwork (ssb) and getting in on a discussion

otherwise searching around, you can start here

@alxd Oh, was #solarpunk even supposed to make a change? I thought it was just yet another fashionable *“punk” science-fiction literary subgenre/theme. 🤔


Every fiction gives you a lens, a new perspective to look at the world. One of the reasons we have problems with and corporate monopolies is that aesthetic normalised them and made people used to this future.

The idea for is to subvert that and give an alternative, a future neither dystopian nor awaiting an apocalypse.

There are some awesome activiats and anarchists inspired by these stories.

my take is more that #solarpunk is inspired by people doing things around the world at yet small and prospective level and project it in the imaginary, to have that vision we need and that we actually don't have much; being for hacktivists or the general public.

and yes it can follow the same idea that "the future is here, just not widely distributed" from Gibson ;)

also I think François Schuiten is close to some visual ideas of it...


@Olm_e @arcans I would gladly support Solarpunk-as-an-inspiration if not for the side effects:

When we start dreaming up a new world without researching this one and what is already there, our fiction alienates. Solarpunk visuals and values rely heavily on the US and the Western culture, and is only lightly _inspired_ by others.

How different world would we conjure if we actually spoke to the people living Solarpunk lives and values today?

That's why we need to start with

@alxd Me, white male cis living in Berlin, positively thrilled to read about this :star_eyes:. Then scrolled down to the contact section. Turns out their office is around the corner here...


Im a member of GIG as well, meeting every year at in Berlin.

Please dont treat the people there as messiahs, but you will get a lot of stories, perspectives and really valuable contacts to people doing stuff on the ground.

Also some disillusionment as to what the West is doing to "help".

@alxd It’s... not really a burning man aesthetic even a little bit.

Like, you don’t have to rag on literal fuckin’ teenagers on Tumblr trying to imagine a better world in their backyard to make a point. Congrats, you’re woker than a teen? You’re woker than a spec fic movement?

@some_qualia I don't want to bid who's woker. It's just I've spoken with a good few Solarpunk writers, including some people who defined the movement, and I'm sad that they're wilfully ignoring a lot of opportunities to include real narratives into the movement they create.

I would like to be a thing, solarpunk as redefining how we see today and for what future we hope for.

#SolarPunkReporting is a great tag, I have been thinking of solarpunk as non-fiction, as attainable goal eve. Many people are already living this optic, especially as you mentioned in the non-western world!

cc @beehiveth

click into the root of the thread to get everything, not sure how different clients will display it, but i think that's the way it goes

@alxd i think of this

But doing these things is hard, and not economically viable with very cheap fossil fuels around.

Hmm maybe i should try boil some water as a start.. A lot easier than this, which i'll probably end mostly rambling about... (also you might have to melt it afterward anyway..)

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