Hey, Mastofriends, I'd like some help/feedback on a thing.

I'm building an open source platform for hosting web comics. I want it to be safe and usable by as many folks as possible, out of the box. But before I get too far into a rabbit hole of difficult-to-change design, I want to ensure I consider all the options users would actually appreciate in a community platform like this will be.

Linked below is my current list. Thoughts?




+1 to static approach. I was actually thinking about writing a similar thing when I was investigating different options for my glider.ink/

I think it would be great to support different possible layouts: strip, page, maybe loading whole-page images panel-by-panel to support responsive web design? That's still doable in static.

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Many of the user safety and other community features rely on hitting a programmatic endpoint at some point, frequently _before_ loading the comic page itself. For example, some posts and pages won't be accessible to everyone. Others will need to avoid loading sections of the content to satisfy user-defined filters on content and such. Much of this _can_ be done with static pages, but relies on JS working properly to actually work.

The panel breakdown option is intriguing. I'll explore...

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