Migrate from Photoshop to The Gimp


This is the best guide I've ever seen helping digital artists with their migration from Photoshop to The Gimp. (And I say this after 20+ years as a Photoshop power user)

If you are a digital painter and you don't need to use a text tool, @kritafoundation is your best option.
Thankfully, excuses to keep using Photoshop are becoming less relevant these days.
Enjoy your freedom!

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@haitch @kritafoundation why Gimp and not Krita though? A lot of artists I've spoken with strongly prefer Krita to Gimp, sometimes even to PS.

Do you know that in Krita you can make a vanishing point guidelines to help you with the perspective? You cannot do that in pure PS.

Krita is much better for drawing, Gimp for editing.

@haitch @kritafoundation sorry, I phrased that in a wrong way.

"Why the lifehacker blogpost about GIMP, not Krita though?"

@alxd Does anything in what I said give you the impression that I disagree with you on anything?


@haitch @kritafoundation as I said in the next toot, no :) I'm sorry for the bad phrasing, my mind was focusing on the GIMP link.

Do you know any good PS > Krita transition resources?

@alxd No, sorry, I don't. Maybe you should ask @kritafoundation, as previously referenced, because they're obviously focused on Krita, and I'm not.

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