Just finished running lectures for schools for this year. The last one was online for homeschooled students and it's recorded on Youtube: [Polish].

All the slides are available under Creative Commons at [Polish]

If you'd like me to translate them for you or help you prepare your own version, let me know!

I learned that putting a few (3-4) action points at the end really helps getting kids to do something about their habits.

@alxd I ran through the slides just now, and one thing immediately popping in my mind from the last slides is: am I the product of Signal?

@Michcioperz I don't really like the model of Signal, giving you a binary from Google Play and requiring a centralized server.

I understand that the servers are ran by Open Whisper Systems and supported by donation / grants, and I tell kids that they can trust foundations they support themselves - like with OwnCloud for their organization.

Signal is the best we have, but I'd much rather use something P2P.


what's the age range?

I have two hours left for my lessons at the elementary school (10yo) and I plan to explain them one time pad and enough networking to make them understand surveillance.

Do you have suggestions?

@Shamar I usually do 14-18 year olds.

For younger kids, I start with something that intrigues them - like the fact that in Poland they >can< download a movie from the Internet as long as they don't share. Once I have them hooked, I continue to "harder" topics.

I'm trying not to scare them too much, and for every threat I show them a way to deal with it. It doesn't need to be perfect - if the install Privacy Badger, they are SAFER and they shouldn't obsess about fingerprinting.


They won't obssess anyway.

But there are issues they cannot mitigate.

For example just the ip of the free wifi hotspot they use can reveal a number of informations about them. They should be aware of this and learn to minimize the services they trust.

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