Do you know the Brave browser? Have you read more about their Attention Tokens?

Their PR-speak at sounds more than shady. Is it really a private way of serving ads, or just a blockchain ploy?

@alxd It’s both. Private, yes. Manipulative, also yes.

@alxd It sounds like a maybe good idea. I wonder how this "anonymity shield" is supposed to work. Technically, it could work (using something similar to Monero), but they say it's based on Ethereum.

<rant>I'm always surprised how much trust people put in Ethereum although it was hacked once already and is Turing complete (the latter being an antifeature).</rant>

My doubt about this: What stops you from modifying Brave and just claiming you're watching ads while you actually aren't?

@alxd there was a changelog episode about that, here it is It's pretty interesting, tell me what you thought about it.

@alxd isn’t it like how Google is blocking ads on Chrome?

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