Do you like Role Playing Games? What do you think about Numenera?

I think it can be a good platform to tell stories about what technology is. Set millions of years in the future, after a few great civilizations rose and fell, it shows humanity struggling to distinguish technology from magic.

Maybe such a distance would allow us to see more, to ask better questions about how we design and use tech?


Ooh, that's a fun setting. The mystic remnants of repeated collapses and exoduses that left behind a dangerous world erratically responsive to the will of its inhabitants!

@Finfell sounds like a lot of software companies I audit.

@alxd This sounds like a great game.

It reminds me of Nora Jemisin's fantastic "The Fifth Season".

@alxd It's a *really* neat setting.

The system's fair-to-middling; class balance in particular has got Monte Cook's signature weakness of "but why should we give good things to some JOCK who doesn't even cast spells?"

@alxd Also the core system is actually rather lightweight (which I like), but material is written as if for a much crunchier system; it creates a lot of "empty calorie" stat blocks that drop a lot of numbers that only weakly influence how things actually play.

@alxd On the whole my play group got a genuinely epic campaign out of it, but it involved a lot of ignoring fiddly bits that didn't mesh with the core system, and our Glaive wound up with a lot of homebrew powers to keep her up.

In the future I might take the book as a systemless setting guide and play Fate Core with it.

@Nentuaby I used to play different mechanics before, but now I wouldn't like to run anything different than FATE or PbtA.

I think Numenera's world will interface nicely with FATE. Ciphers are single-use, single-scene aspects!

Monte did a good thing with the character descriptors, but I see his mechanics of promoting DnD-like growth only. What about character goals? How are they supposed to develop socially?

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