Who of you would be interested in a pen and paper role playing game?

I feel that a lot of Solarpunk enthusiasts dont see a potential for worthwhile conflicts in Solarpunk. Its as if after rebelling against the system and corporation suddenly we enter an utopia-like state and everybody gets along.

Solarpunk has a lot of hard questions to ask. How to govern ourselves without hierarchies? How to be meritocratic without engineer dramas?


Maybe modt importantly: how should deal with authority and the flow of knowledge?

How will Solarpunks stop anti vaccers without using some kind of violence and forcing them to vaccinate?

I feel that a well written setting could explore these questions really well.

@alxd And is meritocraty the right form? Those are all interesting questions worth exploring IMHO
@alxd Also sounds like something to explore in a Nordic-style LARP.

@alxd That's really hard. How do you deal with irresponsible behavior other than with exercising authority? Every form of authority needs to be prepared to argue its legitimacy. I don't think it's hard to argue for vaccination for people for whom it poses no health risk. I don't think one can get rid of all of authority, getting rid of illegitimate authority however….


I have relatives who used to work in hasmat/fire/disaster response and designed an #RPG for training purposes. It's a good idea

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